Introducing the F/I/T Event Series

Step into the warmth of the heartland, where we believe there’s no other way to live than whole heartedly.

Join us at Destination Kohler, the Midwest’s premier wellness resort, and discover your own unique path to well-being.

Upcoming Events

  • Older. Wiser. Stronger.

    April 28–30, 2019

    Staying fit and active is a lifelong endeavor. As the kids head off to their own lives and your career requires less of your time, what better way to spend it than doing things you love. Learn how you can enjoy physical activity while remaining injury-free at any age. Older and wiser come naturally. Stronger is where the fun begins.

  • Nurtured by Nature

    May 5–7, 2019

    Being attuned to the natural world around you – the seasons, the flora and fauna – can have a tremendous impact on your outlook. Feeling grounded and connected to nature can bring a calm and resilience in the face of everyday stresses. Come to deepen your relationship with the natural and to understand what you can do to nurture it in your own life.