KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates Fact Sheet

Herb Kohler believed the world deserved a better take on the turtle. The turtle, in turn, evolved into our very first unparalleled batch of signature Terrapins, and in 2007, KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates was born. By exploring limitless opportunity in taste and texture while honoring a single level of quality, we proudly continue to present the definitive chocolate experience – KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates.

These delightful treats first introduced KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates.  Expertly crafted, these turtles offer the perfect blend of chocolate, salted pecans and smoky, burnt caramel. Flavors include Original Buttery, Blackstrap, Java and Cranberry.

Garden Ganache
Inspired by garden varietals, the colors of these hand-painted chocolates hint at their unique flavors. Milk chocolate shells wrap around centers of creamy ganache in flavors including Raspberry, Créme Fraîche, Pear, Coconut, Hazelnut Coffee, Macadamia, Earl Grey, Chai Tea, Asian Spice and Passion Fruit.

Rare Facets
Every gem begins in the rough. KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates Rare Facets are created by hand to capture the complexity and beauty of 63 percent dark chocolate paired with each flavor: Pineapple, Sour Cherry, Cranberry-Raspberry, Blueberry, Mandarin Ginger and Pomegranate.

To learn more about the definitive chocolate experience,
visit Kohlerchocolates.com or while in Kohler, Wisconsin, visit the Craverie Chocolatier Café where KOHLER Original Recipes Chocolates are handmade daily.

For media inquiries:
Leslie Stachowiak
920-457-4441 x70468


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January 2013