Adult Tennis Programs

The Sports Core Adult Tennis Program has a place for players of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned competitor, the content taught in the Sports Core drills will help you achieve your tennis goals.

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Adult Tennis Programs

Beginner Class (1.0-2.4)

Level 1 (2.4-2.9)
These drills focus on advanced stroke production and an introduction to singles/doubles play.

Level 2 (3.0-3.5)
These drills focus on basic singles/doubles strategy and court positioning.

Level 3 (3.6-4.0)
These drills focus on advanced singles/doubles strategy and court positioning. Emphasis is placed on increasing and improving while competing.

Level 4 (4.0 plus)
Formerly known as the Men’s and Women’s “Pro Workout,” these drills are for seasoned competitors. Emphasis is on high-performance singles/doubles strategy and movement.

Additional Adult Programs

Cardio Tennis
A heart pumping workout filled with music, energy, and lots of tennis action! Engaging for any ability level! Try it once and you will be hooked.
Please call 920-208-4667 for daily times. 

Sports Core Club Championships
Mixed Doubles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles and Men’s and Women’s Singles

Sports Core Adult Tennis Leagues and Traveling Teams
Interested in competing on a tennis team? Want to re-live your high school dreams? Traveling teams will take on players from the regions top tennis clubs for the chance at statewide and even national competitions! Leagues are available for various levels of play.