Training Assessments and Nutrition Services

On Point Nutrition, a 10-week weight loss and nutrition program

Nutritional Analysis and re-education.

  • 10-week individualized curriculum, one-on-one program
  • Client can start the program at any time.  1 hour meetings are scheduled with the trainer once per week based on what works for the client and trainers availability.
  • Additional connecting and communication is made through your choice of weekly emails or texts.
  • Focus is on nutrition education and accountability.
  • Menus are given and calorie level is determined through an online tool. Online food journaling will be required as part of education on food choices and macronutrient percentages.
  • Customized program includes evaluation of your cardiovascular and strength training program.
  • Three InBody tests are included in the program analysis. Baseline, progress check and final results analysis.

Program Fee: $475 Fitness, $575 Standard
IMETT VO2 Assessment
This assessment measures your ventilatory threshold (VT), also called the Anaerobic Threshold (AT). This is the point at which you body's metabolism changes from the aerobic (using oxygen) to the anaerobic (not using oxygen) state.

Based on the results of your assessment, we design a personalized program that will help you get the most out of your workout time. Your program will include interval training, a technique that alternates between bouts of short, intense effort and periods of recovery.

Maximize your time:
1) Burn more total calories
2) Burn more fat calories
3) Increase endurance
4) Increase metabolism

Don’t rely on heart rate charts or the information from your heart rate monitor or the cardio equipment you work out on. Do the IMETT VO2 assessment and know for sure what heart rate is most beneficial for your body. Whether you are an athlete, a fitness newbie, or anywhere in between, this assessment will help you take your workouts to a new level.

*FEE: $74 for Sports Core Member; $96 for community

InBody Testing
Wellness and weight loss come from a healthy lifestyle and is not focused primarily on your weight. Instead, it is centered around the ratio of muscle to fat and how that plays a key role in overall health, weight management and performance.

The InBody test provides ample test results to track your progress. Discover and start monitoring your muscle distribution, fat allocation, body water balance, and metabolic rate.

In about one minute, the InBody analyzer will send small currents through your feet and hands, measuring weight, water, fat and muscle. This "snapshot" tells us what body part needs improvement, which parts are strong or which are weak, how much fat you need to lose, or how much muscle needs to be gained.

Member $25 Non-Member/ $45 InBody Results Analysis

Muscular Manipulation
One on One Training session that includes manipulation of muscles and joints using a variety of stretching and massage techniques. No need to change from your workout attire, and is excellent post workout. Can be used for general wellness or to relieve specific sports related overused areas. Sessions scheduled with Jessica Vervaeck, Certified Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer. 60 or 30 min options. Personal training rates apply.