Fitness Trainers

Jaycob Bartels

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED, TRX Trainer
Education: In my last semester at UW-Sheboygan for associates degree.
Experience: Creating strength programs to help people attain their goals.
Hobbies: I enjoy listening to music and finding different ways to get a great workout in. Also like hanging out with friends and family.
Philosophy: As a trainer I try to find ways to motivate people to accomplish their goals. Whether it is an athlete trying to prepare for a season or a person who has never stepped foot in the gym, I always create an atmosphere that the client can feel comfortable in. Making exercise fun is another key to making sure clients never give up on their goals. Keeping a positive mindset during strength training is something I try to overemphasize. Positive things happen when people believe in themselves and that is how goals are achieved.

Ben Chapman

Certifications: American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, American Heart Association CPR/AED, TRX Trainer, INSANITY Instructor
Education: BA in Biology, Lakeland College
Experience: Devise strength and cardio workout plans for athletes, triathlon coach and trainer
Hobbies: Triathlon and Ironman races, Tough Mudders, coaching wrestling, hiking, hunting, fishing and camping, discovering new ways to work out indoors and outside.
Philosophy: Whether against other people, against the clock, or against oneself, we all want to succeed. I strive to bring out that desire to reveal one’s true potential. I listen to
my client’s needs and design fitness plans that take them slightly out of their comfort zone. At that point, people realize they are capable of so much more and continue
to break through barriers. With the right mindset, you can push your limits and go beyond what you imagine is possible. Stay on the move to constantly better yourself
today and every day!

Jake Frias

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED, IKFF Kettle Bell Instructor, TRX Trainer, INSANITY Group Instructor, Spinning Certified
Education: BA in Exercise Science, Lakeland College, MA in Counseling, Lakeland College
Hobbies: Head wrestling coach at Cedarburg High School, mixed martial arts, running, spending time with my brothers.
Philosophy: I believe in drive, determination, and pushing the pace to achieve your goals and surpass your potential. The mental aspect of fitness as well as taking action to make it happen is key, and I provide every tool necessary to put the pieces all together. Knowing your limits is one thing, but pushing past them is where life and success happens. Whether it’s in a class, small group, or an individual setting, I will not only help you tone your mindset on fitness, but also make it happen physically.

Judi Goeden

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, Apex Fitness and Nutrition Specialist; YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Trainer; Balance Body Pilates Reformer Trainer; Yoga Fit; PiYo Trainer; ZUMBA Fitness & Zumba Step; TRX Trainer; Ai Chi; Kinesis Trainer; Y Cycle Instructor, Trainer of Trainers for the YMCA of the USA; American Red Cross CPR-Pro/AED
Education: BA in Dance and Kinesiology, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Years of Experience: Instructing various wellness programming since 1985
Hobbies/Special Interests: Outdoor adventure, cycling for the mildly obsessed, spending time with my family, gardening and dancing.
Philosophy: Fitness has to be fun and have a social aspect, or it’s just exercise. Even hard effort can be a positive experience when it’s approached with the openness to learn. My training approach is to work with clients to find the right combination of physical activity, intensity, mental focus and a healthy approach to nutrition to create a personalized recipe for success. A functional approach to training is to not focus on training individual muscles, but the entire body by enhancing natural movement patterns. At all ages and levels of fitness, I believe we can all improve our wellness and live a more productive life.

Christine Hicks

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, TRX Trainer, IM=X Pilates Mat Instructor, NETA Pilates Reformer certified, Kinesis
Education: BS in Exercise Fitness, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Years of Experience: Personal training and instructing since 1992
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, outdoor activities and watching my kids play sports.
Philosophy: I have a passion for striving to help members achieve their goals by providing a safe and challenging exercise program—all in the name of fun. I motivate people to be consistent with their exercise, help them make better food choices and provide a workout that is not a chore. The bigger picture is quality of life now and years down the road. I help people decrease their chances of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity and low back pain. Because of my degenerative disc disease, I have great knowledge and awareness in keeping the low back safe during every movement performed in classes or while personal training.

Sadhna Murthy

Certifications: Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner from KT University, National Exercise Trainers Association Personal Trainer and Pilates Reformer Trainer, National Wellness Institute Wellness Coordinator and School certified Wellness Program Manager; TRX trainer, PiYo trainer American Red Cross advanced CPR/AED and First Aid, ACE certified Medical Rehab Specialist focus.
Education: MS in Rehabilitation Science from India, completed refreshers at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and Marquette University
Years of Experience: Various wellness and post rehabilitation programming since year 2000
Hobbies/Specialties: Tennis, biking, spinning, kick boxing, Pilates, camping and biking, and in winter, snowball fights and watching movies.
Philosophy: It’s so easy to just stop moving when pain and discomfort are difficult to manage. My approach to overall wellness is to enhance quality of life, keep you active and doing what you love. Through an analytical eye, I help identify and work to correct physical limitations, muscular deviation and day-today movement patterns. By incorporating a variety of exercises, you can restore your ability to function in your favorite sporting activities, and in daily life.

To set up an injury analysis consultation, email

Lynn Paulow

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, IMX Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor, TRX Trainer, Kinesis Trainer
Education: University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point
Years of Experience: Various fitness experience since 1976
Hobbies/Specialties: Passionate about teaching fitness classes that include step, rebounding, strength, cycling and Pilates. In my free time, I enjoy reading, exercising my dog and modifying recipes.
Philosophy: For 30+ years I have shown how exercise is a joy, a gift, an opportunity. I want others to get to the point where they do it for the love of it, for empowerment, for destressing, for the health of it....not to lose ten pounds in 7 days. I challenge everyone to be the best version of themselves. Exercise is as much physical as it is emotional. My passion is taking the intimidation factor out of fitness by providing a personalized touch. Once you feel comfortable with the people around you, their support and friendship can be all you need to keep motivated and accountable. Through exercise, your confidence and the ability to self-motivate improves. With proper execution, timing and progression of exercises, goals are achieved through sweat, hard work, and a desire to have fun.

Elliot Schmitt

Certifications: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, TRX Trainer.
Education: BA in Exercise Science University of Oshkosh emphasis in strength and conditioning.
Experience: I completed two internships at the James Andrews Institute in Pensacola, Florida, where I worked with the Wounded Warrior Project, former & current US Military personnel, Para-Olympic athletes along with former and future NFL, NBA, and MLB players. After completion of my internship, I moved to Dubuque Iowa.  I was a Health Leader at a logistics company during this time, performing workshops and seminars on proper, breathing, movement, nutrition, and sleeping techniques, to promote a healthier lifestyle throughout the company.
Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my family & friends. I love being active whether it’s going for a nature walk to catch sunrise or playing football on a fall weekend. Movement is a big part of my life.
Philosophy:  As a personal trainer, my mission is to upgrade every aspect of your life. I believe in challenging yourself every day and wandering out beyond your comfort zone is pivotal to the mental growth of you!

When it comes to the growth of you physically, movement is the key to living a long and prosperous life. Regardless if you’re a training for the Olympics or coming to the gym after a day’s work, movement quality is crucial to being the best version of you!

Through my experiences, I’ve learned posture patterns movement, knowing this. I will tailor my workout programs to your movement deficiencies; I will focus on good form and posture of your movements. Using this methodology will lead you to build strength, stability, mobility and overall life success at an optimal rate.

Jessica Vervaeck

Certifications: National Exercise Trainers Association Personal Trainer, Nationally Certified and State Licensed Massage Therapist, Kinesis Trainer and Balance Body Pliates Reformer Trainer, Schwinn Cycling, TRX Level 2 Instructor (Rip Trainer and Suspension Trainer)
Education: BS in Health Promotion and Wellness, Minor in Coaching, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Classic Massage Program, Health Touch Spa School of Massage, LLC
Years of Experience: Since 2003
Hobbies/Specialties: Participating in, coaching, judging and choreographing cheerleading, spending time with family, weightlifting, board games, puzzles, cooking (and eating), massage, taking continuing education classes.
Philosophy: I enjoy the bodybuilding style and crossfit style of working out. I love to lift heavy and prove to other women that they too can lift heavy, debunking the myth that they will bulk up. I also believe you have to think when you exercise. You can’t expect results if you just go through the motions. And if you are just going through the motions, then you probably aren’t lifting heavy enough! I love combining fitness and massage into one session. Exercise and massage are great for stress relief, so why not combine them? I also enjoy teaching people about active isolated stretching and proving that stretching is not bad or a waste of time. Finally, fitness is about self-care and not just what you do when you come to the gym.

John Wagner

Certifications: American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise Weight Management Specialist, Chiropractic Wisconsin Association Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist. USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, TRX Functional Fitness Group Instructor, PiYo Group Instructor and American Red Cross CPR/AED
Education: BA in Fitness Studies, BA in Sports Studies, Minor in Sports Management and a BA in Writing from Lakeland College
Hobbies: Spending time with my daughter Charlotte, Weightlifting, playing and coaching semi-pro football for the Sheboygan County Rebels and Manitowoc County Mariners, assistant coach for Lakeland College Football, and researching exercise and sport studies.
My primary focus is to help individuals achieve the results they desire by developing a relationship that creates a positive and enjoyable environment. With primary focus on one-on-one personal training, I believe in coaching individuals through exercise and nutrition plans with proper encouragement and direction. I am comfortable working with a variety of different ages, fitness levels, and goals individuals may have. My specialties are resistance exercises and sports performance training.

Charity Wolf

Certifications: American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer; Aerobics and Fitness Association of America Certified Group Exercise Instructor; TRX Suspension Training/Sports Medicine/TEAM Level 2; LesMills Certified Bodypump Instructor; SPINNING Certified Instructor; Moi Cycle Certified Instructor; Wattbike Master Trainer; Soul Sculpt Yoga Instructor; AED/CPR/Basic First Aid Certified
Education: BS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Years of Experience: Working in various fields of the exercise & wellness industry since 2007
Hobbies/Specialties: Running, Music, Public speaking on various wellness topics, Spending time with my family, Cooking, Being outdoors in nature, Reading, Traveling
Philosophy: YOU and only you have the willpower to achieve what you’ve set out to accomplish.  However, through consistent coaching, behavior modification, nutritional counseling, and a committed exercise plan, I can provide you with the tools you’ll need to succeed.  My training style is a focused combination of educating, empowering, and encouraging.  I specialize in small and large group training that is customized to the needs of the participants.  Initial and regular follow-up assessments are performed to ensure that each session gets you one step closer to your end goal.

Laura Becherer

Certifications: USA Swimming Certified Coach, International Paralympic Swim Coach Level 2, YMCA National Swim Coach Certification
Education: B.S. in Business, Michigan State University
Years of Experience: 14 years coaching competitive swimming at all levels including Ozaukee Aquatics, Silver Medal USA Club Team; North High School and YMCA. Additionally, 6 years coaching for United States Olympic Committee, Paralympic Division Swim team at national and international competitions and clinics.
Hobbies/Specialties: Biking, traveling, spending time with family and friends
Philosophy: As a swim coach I have a passion for helping people find success in the pool, whether it's at a competitive level or adding swimming to your fitness routine. Helping swimmers become more efficient in the water, working on stroke technique or adding speed and racing skills can be achieved with guided training and practice.


Kendall Strupp

Certifications: ACSM Personal Trainer; ACSM Exercise Physiology; NETA Group Cycling; American Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED
Education: Bachelors of Science - Kinesiology, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Experience: Soccer, Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Sssistant Athletic Trainer, Personal Training, Internship in cardiac rehabilitation, Group Exercise
Hobbies/Specialties: I enjoy spending time with family and friends, kayaking, hiking, playing indoor and outdoor volleyball, and working out in the gym or with my dogs. I also enjoy hunting and fishing year round with my fiance. 
Philosophy: I believe in finding the right balance for each individual by incorporating muscular strength, physical endurance, flexibility, nutrition and mental stimulation. Each person comes with different needs and goals. I always start by getting all of these components back in balance with appropriate intensity prescribed for each category to achieve the goals we've set. I believe in holding myself and my clients accountable. I exhibit drive and enthusiasm with my clients whether in group classes or individual training.