Fitness Classes

Cardio and Strength Fitness

20-20 Fitness: All levels. This high-energy class delivers 20 minutes of resistance training paired with 20 minutes of cardio and core exercises.

Abs Express: This class will focus on 7-10 ab moves you can do on your own other days of the week. Finish up with a brief run to warm up your muscles and burn a few more calories. 

Balance: Through flexibility, mobility and strengthening exercises you can improve your balance and stability. Mindful movement, focus and control. 

Body Basics: 60 minutes. This class welcomes people of all ages and ability groups. It’s a challenging but gentle-to-the-joints combination of cardiovascular exercise, strength, balance, and flexibility activities.

Cardio Express: 30 minutes. All levels. Rotates weekly between bosu, step, and cycle.

Cardio Intervals/Boot Camp: High-energy class offers total variety for muscles and cardiovascular system. Expect anything! May include cardio drills, kickboxing moves, high intensity/low intensity intervals, simple gym moves and training circuits. 

Circuit Strength: Using strength equipment in the Fitness Center along with core work.

Code Red: Heart-rate-monitored specialty class combining both cardio interval training and strength training. It is designed to spark your metabolism, increase energy, and provide accountability, while allowing you the opportunity to compete against a yourself. Average calories torched in a class is 560-1000 during class, and up to 900 afterwards during recovery and ‘afterburn’. Fee: $12/Member  $15/Non-Member

Core & More: The name says it all! 30 minutes of working core, glute and legs. Stability vs mobility at its best. 

Fast & Strong: Tabata training switching between smooth, controlled strenth moves and fast, cardio moves. During rest periods, you will perform core exercises. 

Flex & Core Express: Increase flexibility, range of motion and stabilization of core by incorporating exercises that use foam rollers, bands and fit balls. Great complement to Pilates and Yoga training. 

Get your RX: Prescribed 3-5 min cardio burst of intensity, along with intervals of strength. The goal is to push your anaerobic systems to their ultimate max capacity.

Group Strength: 50 minutes. Inter-Adv. A high intensity, complete strength workout using a variety of fitness equipment.

High/Low Express: 30 minutes of high/low cardio without the high impact of many HIIT programs. No equipment used...just your feet moving to the beat.  

Kickfusion: Beginner to intermediate. Cardio workout combining kicking and punching combinations with strength moves to engage multiple muscles while increasing body awareness and control.

Lift Express: 30 minutes. All levels. Go at your own pace. Complete strength program.

Pilates Barre & Barre: Define your body with this total-body, Pilates inspired Barre workout. Incorporate principles of functional strength training, Yoga & Pilates to lengthen and strengthen your arms, legs & core from head to toe. 

Pilates Fusion (Pilates): Utilize the Pilates Chairs and other accessory tools to achieve a powerful, mindful body workout that will increase strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. 

Pilates Mat: All levels. A mixed-level mat Pilates class that focuses on exercises to strengthen muscles and add flexibility. Variations offered to students. A variety of Pilates small equipment is used to add intensity and reduce neck and low-back stress.

Pilates Plus: Higher intensity Pilates Mat. 

Prime Timers: Great class for fun-loving folks, for whom age is merely a number. Try new things and get fit and strong together. 

RIPPED: This class features a series of high-intensity segments designed to burn calories and tone the body using resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics, and endurance.

Step Express: Beginner to intermediate. Low impact aerobics and strength work that is easy on the joints but with cardio overtones.

Strength in #'s: High reps, low-moderate weights. Use a mix of gym "toys" to rev metabolism through pure strength training.

Tabata & Core: Tabata is a high intensity interval training method that follows a specific format of 20 seconds of cardio/strength followed by 10 seconds of rest. This class format will be 15 minutes Tabata and 15 minutes Core. 

TRX: Different class formats and equipment added each week. Guaranteed to challenge your mind and body each week.

Body Blast TRX: A fun, fast paced, full body conditioning workout where the music is the driving force. 

TRX Boot Camp: High intensity workout to challenge muscular strength and core function with every exercise. Utlizes interval training to challenge individuals of all levels and gives you a total body workout in just 45 minutes.

Zumba: All levels. Zumba combines high-energy and motivating Latin music with unique moves and combinations. No dance experience required.

Cycle: 45/50/60 minutes.* Intermediate. Indoor group cycling where you will discover the athlete within. Intense, exhilarating and easy on the joints. Spinterval incorporates strength and core exercises off the bike. This program is limited to a max of 20 participants per class.
* First Saturday of each month is 75 minutes.

Spinterval: Incoporates strength and core off the bike.

Aquatic Fitness

AI CHI: Using breathing techniques and progressive resistance training in water to relax and strengthen the body, based on elements of qigong and Tai chi chuan.

Aqua Fit: 60 minutes. Beginner to intermediate. A low-impact, complete workout.

Aqua Interval: 60 minutes. Beginner to intermediate. Alternating aerobic intensity intervals. Strength work included.

Aqua Zumba: Blend Zumba philosophy with water resistance. Low impact. High-energy. Party in the pool!

Please sign the yellow waiver prior to each class to ensure accurate records. All classes are based on participation and programming needs.

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Please refer class questions or sign ups to the reception desk at 920-457-4444.