Golf Fitness

Yoga on the Lake Classes

Join Rachael Lewinski, Yoga on the Lake instructor, ACSM Personal Trainer and NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist for a comprehensive Yoga for Golfer program. Incorporating golf techniques, cues and skills learned directly from Kohler Golf Academy Instructors, you will learn golf specific postures and exercises that build strength, power, balance and flexibility as well as focus and relax your mind on the course in order to play your best “in the zone” golfing. You may learn 4 components of the full program within your private, group session or workshop at Yoga on the Lake.

Golf Strength, Flexibility & Balance
A series of postures for ultimate power, mobility and control enhanced with specific self-myofascial release techniques to reduce muscle tension, increase mobility, release power in your muscles and reduce joint pain.

Meditation, Visualization & Breathwork
Techniques that reduce muscle tension as well as enhance the crucial mental portion of the game helping you develop laser focus and the ability to stay calm during play.

Pre-game Warm-Up, Focus & Relax
A specific series of postures and myofascial releases you can do before you play to fully prepare you for your best “in the zone” and powerful golfing.

Injury Prevention & Body Maintenance
Learn how to prevent back, hip and shoulder pain during play as well as prevent further injuries for enjoyable and lifelong golfing

Individual one-hour sessions – $100

Contact Ashley Kohler, Yoga on the Lake Manager, at (920) 451-7658

Sports Core Classes

Pilates on the Green
Engage the very muscles you need to drive the ball farther.

Kinesis Golf Conditioning
Finesse your game, improve your swing, and add distance to shots.

Pilates for a Healthy Back
Optimize back strength, stability and range of movement to improve posture and alignment while reducing tension and pain.

Individual one-hour sessions – $69

Fee for each additional person in the group – $69. Available space for up to 4 people per session

Contact Jake Frias, Fitness Manager, to schedule a trainer by emailing