Boost Academy

Boost Academy exists to create youth athletes that are healthy in both mind and body. Its purpose is to give youth athletes the tools they need to succeed in their chosen sport–and well beyond it. Because we’re not just providing training for the next game, match, event or tryout.


Team Training

This is the most comprehensive program we offer, and it is designed uniquely around the needs of your team and its goals. Every element of the Team Training program is conducted by one of our dedicated pro-fessionals, and it encompasses all three phases of our elite program: 1) Fitness, 2) Leadership and 3) Nutrition.


The fitness phase features high-intensity workouts. Our coaches and trainers work closely with you and your team to develop customized, sport specific programming that will help your student athletes maximize their potential.


Strong leadership skills transcend the track, diamond, field, course or court. The leadership phase of the program focuses on goal setting for your athletes and teaches them how to build crucial leadership skills. This phase includes SMART goal lesson plans, team rope sessions and motivational workshops.


Every athlete needs to properly fuel his or her fire for competition. The nutrition phase of our program takes a holistic approach to wellness. It features sports nutrition presentations by accredited professionals and teaches athletes the keys to a healthy lifestyle and high performance through proper nutrition.

Additional Training Opportunities

We understand that full team training may not be the best fit for your group. Additional fitness training options are available to you and your team, all of which may be customized to meet your needs.

Small Group Training

Our Small Group training program features the same high-caliber workouts as our Team Training, but with a focus on specific skills such as speed and agility or strength and conditioning. Each class builds upon the last, progressively becoming more difficult to maximize an athlete’s potential. It is offered in a limited time frame with two sessions per week for either four, six or eight weeks.

Youth Group Exercise

This program is offered as an ongoing class over the course of the year with several classes offered each week. Athletes can drop in at any time for any class, including Teen Cycle, Fun and Fitness, Sports Conditioning 101, Teen Boot Camp and Teen TRX Fitness.

On-site Training

Boost Academy brings the workout to you. Our coaches and trainers visit your home facility to train your athletes for  30-90 minute sessions. It’s a great way to get in additional training and conditioning before or
after practice, in or out of season.

One-on-one Training

Boost Academy also offers individual workout sessions for athletes who desire that one-on-one attention to really tailor their training. Athletes can choose between a half-hour or full-hour session.

Five-Star Facilities

For more than 35 years, our facility, Sports Core, has partnered with the community to promote healthy, active lifestyles. From a state-of-the-art fitness center to six indoor and outdoor tennis courts to two indoor swimming pools and renovated locker rooms, we offer numerous opportunities to help you reach your full potential.

Meet Our Coaches

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