Kohler Waters Spa

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About Kohler Waters Spa

Immerse yourself in…a KOHLER Experience.
Our bodies are, in essence, water.  And it is with water that Kohler believes we can restore and replenish them.  Experience the therapeutic benefits of water at Kohler Waters Spa, where remineralizing experiences recreate the healing properties of earth's natural mineral-rich waters.

At home or at the spa, KOHLER water experiences transport you to a sanctuary of relaxation, balance and rejuvenation. Kohler Waters Spa at Burr Ridge was recently named the #1 Day Spa in Chicago by Chicago magazine.

Kohler Waters Spa at Burr Ridge
775 Village Center Drive
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Phone:  630-323-7674
Fax: 630-655-8097

For guests using online Navigation web sites such as Google Maps or Mapquest, please use 775 Burr Ridge Parkway for the Kohler Water Spa's address.

To make your spa reservations, please call (603) 323-7674.

Interested in bringing a group to Kohler Waters Spa? Please call Michelle Bashore or Nicole Paus for more information at (630) 323-7674 or via e-mail at michelle.bashore@kohler.com or nicole.paus@kohler.com.

Circle of Tranquility
Bring tranquility to your body and spirit in our self-guided water rituals. This water sanctuary for men and women is anchored by three distinct shower experiences:

Envelope - Quench - Deluge.

Begin your journey  in the Envelope Shower with all-encompassing shower sprays.

Proceed to the Quench Shower where refreshing, cool water sprays from every direction to revive you.

Continue to the Deluge Shower, and relax beneath a mesmerizing misty rain.

Immerse yourself in a 25-foot whirlpool, and enjoy both invigorating and effervescent water experiences.  Enter the 8-foot waterfall, and let the cascading waters massage your shoulders and stress points.

A respite in the steam room or sauna will calm your senses, followed by a quick invigorating dip in the 8-foot cool dip pool.  It will replenish and revive your body and spirit.

Bathing suits required.

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