Services for Men

Designed for men, these services rejuvenate skin, relax the body and restore tired muscles – perfect after a long day of golf.

Gentleman's Skin Care
Designed for men, this treatment will leave you with clean, smooth and soft skin.
50 minutes $168 Saturday $188

Golfer’s Pre-Round Treatment
Improve flexibility for your next golf round on our innovative WaveMotion bodywork table. Specially trained therapists use techniques of gentle stretching and acupressure to improve flexibility. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting attire.
50 minutes $168 Saturday $188

Golfer's Foot Renewal
A self-heating mud masque applied to the feet will re-energize, while a soothing foot massage will renew. A treat for the feet after a memorable day of golf.
50 minutes $97

Gentleman’s Healthy Hands Treatment
Following an exfoliation, cuticle cleanup and hand massage, a paraffin masque provides a moisturizing application.
50 minutes $82

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