TRX Fitness

What is TRX® Suspension Training®?
TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise. This is a revolutionary method of levered body weight exercises that builds power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and prevents injuries, all at the intensity you choose. TRX Suspension Training offers a versatile workout for all skill levels and ages. No matter how fit you are, or how big or strong you are, this program can be challenging, whether you are a high-performance athlete, a weekend warrior, stay-at-home mom or just someone trying to stay in shape and get an edge. This is a great complement to any workout.

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TRX Class Offerings
Total body class combining TRX strength, core, and flexibility.

Rise N Grind: We're back for the summer! High Intensity Cardio, High Intensity TRX, High Intensity Strength Training, and much more. Half of the time, you will be inside our performance zone GRINDING IT OUT, and the other half, you will be outside BURNING THOSE LUNGS OUT with various intense outdoor cardio. Something new every week.

Bootcamp: TRX training with circuit programming that includes battle ropes, punching bags, heavy balls and rebounder, TRX Rip™ Training and a few other surprises we may throw at you.

TRX Boxing: Got stress? Want to hit something? Try a combination of heavy bag training paired with phenomenal core and body weighted strength exercises. If you want to hit hard, bring hand wraps or boxing gloves.

Body Blast: Jump into this fun, fast paced, full body conditioning workout where the powerful music is the driving force. Training through various tempo changes continues to challenge every muscle in this heart racing training session.

TR-Xpress: Short on time, but need an awesome, full body workout? Try our noon time Xpress class to make the most of every min. 

TRX Zen: All levels welcome! A relaxing mind and body workout that will help increase strength, flexi-bility, balance, and mobility. With body resisted training with the TRX straps, blocks, and bodyweight, you will be able to move easily through movements minimizing the injury to joints. A great class for in-crease coordination and core strength.

Pilates TRX: What does that mean? Alignment and proper placement is stressed to get all the little nuances and muscles engaged at the right times during your movement. This is accomplished with deliberate, slower, more controlled movement. Flexibility, strength, balance, control… basic principles of Pilates. Nice flow of movement and progressions to give you a well-balanced, complete fitness program.